PS3’s hardware and more specifically, the Cell processor is quite interesting, and I’ve learnt a lot developing for it, and by following the MIT course “Multicore Programming Primer”, which demonstrates the use of Cell processor for multicore programming. Unlike many other processors, it allows access to lower levels and programmers can design their codes with more freedom.

One other interesting aspect of the PS3 hardware, is the direct memory access from GPU to the main memory. So its GPU can be used for real-time GP-GPU uses, in contrast to the PCs where data transfer between main and GPU local memory halts the whole GPU pipeline, and reduces the performance dramatically. The whole architecture allows data to be passed through PPU, SPU, and GPU rapidly and this opens a lot of possibilities for developing more optimized AI frameworks. Therefore I’ve ported my F180 AI software base  to the PS3, so we can use the power of Cell processor.

My cpu-based lighting running on a PS3, utilizing 2 SPUs for lighting

Also I use PS3 as reference hardware for developing my graphics algorithms.


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