As someone who always challenges himself, I welcome changes and prefer to choose my own path and goals, rather than accepting the mere routines set by the society. Although I got admitted to Sharif University, which is the best engineering school in Iran, I dropped out to acquire knowledge the way I believed was right. So I joined a robotics research team to develop my computer science knowledge and to challenge myself; we participated in many international competitions in which we got several prestigious awards including second place in the RoboCup competitions.

Game development, especially real-time graphics has always been my area of interest, and despite many limitations we have in Iran such as sanctions, I have done whatever I could to reach my goals. I studied through reading books, blogs, Siggraph course materials and following GDC talks. I have also participated in several game projects as graphics, gameplay and AI programmer which can be found in my resume. Later I founded Arna’s game division, in which we have shipped three games. As the technical lead of the studio, I directed the development of our online game backend and in-house game engine that brought me valuable management and leadership skills.

To see my resume, visit my Linkedin page.

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