Raze Roshan is a 3rd person shooter, stealth game using Unity game engine.

I joined the project as the graphics programmer and worked on the following things:

  • Developed a physically based deferred rendering and lighting solution for Unity
    • Used sub-sampling for G-Buer to pack more material properties, and illumination buffer to support colored specular reflections
    • Indirect illumination solution based on a mix of parallax corrected reflection probes, screen-space directional occlusion and reflections, and object-space PRT
  • Implemented a height-based texture splatting

I was assigned as the Gameplay / AI programmer late in the project due to management decisions based on lack of progress in these 2 areas. The gameplay and AI parts of the game were developed from the ground up.

  • Implemented the enemy AI based on the Behavior Trees
  • Designed the character animation system using partial and additive animations

The development of the game is finished, however, it is not released yet.