F180, or RoboCup Small-Size Soccer League, is a robotic soccer league, designed originally by Carnegie Mellon University in 1997. It is aimed to be a test-bed to develop and test new AI algorithms, in some real situations.
Since then it’s being well received by many universities around the world, and gave birth to some really useful algorithms (eg. RRT).

A Small Size robot soccer game takes place between two teams of six robots each. All objects on the field are tracked by a global vision system that processes the data provided by two cameras that are attached to a camera bar located above the playing surface. Off-field computers are used to communicate referee commands and position information to the robots. Typically, these computers also perform most, if not all, of the processing required for coordination and control of the robots.

I’ve been a member of Immortals robotics group since 2008. As a part of our research, we work on the F180 project. We’ve participated in all RoboCup events since then. I’m the AI programmer and electronics designer in this group.
We have open-sourced all of our mechanical and electronics designs, as well as our embedded and off-board software. Read more about it here.
I’ve also been a technical committee member of the league since 2010.

See Honors and Awards page for a list of our awards.

Here is a list of the works I’ve done in this group:

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